What is the Normal Recovery Time?

What is the Normal Recovery Time?

As with any surgical procedure recuperation will vary somewhat between patients, but the typical bariatric surgery recovery time is relatively short. The ability of the body to recover from weight loss surgery with a minimum amount of recovery time is due to the minimally invasive nature of the laparoscopic technique. Only small incisions are necessary for this operation, thus reducing the healing time necessary for patients.


Out of the Hospital in Days
Typically a bariatric surgery patient can leave the hospital as early as the second day after their procedure. This will occasionally vary in some patients, but on average a patient will be out of the hospital in this time frame. Our team of bariatric surgeons has substantial experience helping patients recover from weight loss surgery, and returning to a normal and healthy life. Many of our patients are up and walking by the afternoon of the 2nd day after surgery.

Dietary Recovery
Patients will be able to begin a liquid diet within three days of surgery. Over time this will slowly change to solid foods over the course of the next 12 weeks. For more information on dietary changes and bariatric surgery recovery time, our nutritional specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Return to Normal Activities in 3 to 5 Weeks
Most people recover from weight loss surgery sufficiently to return to normal activities after three to five weeks. For jobs that do not require strenuous activity one can return to work even quicker than this. Mild exercise such as walking and regular activity is expected within this timeframe. Again, this can vary from patient to patient as with any surgical procedure.

Consult with our Surgeons
Bariatric surgery recovery time and the case of each patient will be unique. Medical advice should be sought regarding your particular situation. Contact us today to determine how much time you require to recover from weight loss surgery.


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