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Surgery for Obesity Group has a complete team of bariatric surgeons and weight loss surgery professionals waiting to assist you and begin the life transformation you have been dreaming of.  We are one of the most experienced team of gastric bypass surgeons to be found in Latin America, with over 6,000 successful procedures performed.  Our medical professionals regularly attend international conferences and have been cited as experts in the field by numerous authorities.  The resulting reputation has led numerous celebrities to have contracted our services and a fully dedicated practice concentrating on obesity surgery. 

Bogotá - Clínica Del Country
The bariatric surgeons at Surgery for Obesity Group are based in vibrant Bogota, Colombia. While our gastric bypass surgeons primarily operate here, we do offer services in up to 13 other cities in Colombia. Our main offices are located in the exclusive northern sector of Bogota, a modern and thriving capital city. Here you will find our offices right next door to the prestigious Clinica del Country, one of the largest private hospitals in Colombia. Here, our complete team of weight loss surgery professionals regularly attend to international patients. Let us customize your experience and ensure a comfortable visit that will put you on the path to recovery from morbid obesity.


The Surgery for Obesity Group Team

Bariatric Surgeons

Our bariatric surgeons are more than just weight loss surgery professionals. They are dedicated and caring individuals who are committed to providing a opportunity at lifestyle change to the millions of people suffering from morbid obesity. With thousands of successful procedures performed, we are ready to attend to all your needs, making a complex procedure simple and satisfying for our patients.

Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery
After weight is lost from a successful procedure by our gastric bypass surgeons, patients may have excess skin that needs to be attended to. Surgery for Obesity Group has a team of plastic surgeons ready to assist you and address this issue. Ask about the experience of these weight loss surgery professionals.

Our Dietitians and Nutritionists are important members of our group of weight loss surgery professionals. The implications of bariatric surgery require dietary change and dedication on the part of the patient to stick to a new diet. Our dietary team will help set you on the path for success as you change your eating habits.

To complement the lifestyle change that our gastric bypass surgeons provide, our team of Psychologists are integrally important. The changes that bariatric surgery enables require commitment by the patient to the process. To prepare you for this process, our patients will not only meet with our Psychologists, but also have continuing contact with them to ensure follow through and support.

Physical Therapist
After our bariatric surgeons perform their work, our Physical Therapists begin their work in facilitating the recovery of our patients. While laproscopic surgery is considered minimally invasive, it is important for patients to remain active and proceed with a return to a healthy lifestyle. Let our team of weight loss surgery professionals welcome you to Bogota.


Cirugía Para La Obesidad
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